AsyncAPI Sphinx Extension

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This extension adds some directives to integrate documentation for your pub-sub application using asyncapi specification.

You can use asyncapi specifications in your source code doc string or in your documentation to generate a beautiful documentation plus overview. Further the specification might be used for other things as well (not supported yet).


This is still in a early stage.


Install the sphinx extension with pip install asyncapi_sphinx_ext.


The extension adds two directives asyncapi_channels and asyncapi_overview.

The asyncapi_channels directive is used to add the some pub/sub documentation and the asyncapi_overview is used to create a table with the all the pub/sub topics defined.

For a full example checkout usage_example.


asyncapi_sphinx_ext adds two directives asyncapi_channels and asyncapi_overview to document pub/sub endpoints, directly in your source code as python docstring.

It further adds a sphinx builder to extract all the documented pub/sub endpoints and export them as a single asyncapi yaml.

Configuration Parameters


Dictionary with AsyncApi spec meta data.

Invoking the builder

sphinx-build -b asyncapi source/ build/asynapi